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computers & security

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Event When Where Deadline
MTAP SI MSNSA 2015 Springer MTAP Special Issue on Multimedia Social Network Security and Applications
N/A N/A Jan 15, 2016
NNW SI ASCOSN 2016 Neural Network World Journal Call for Papers –Special Issue on Applied Soft Computing for Online Social Networks
N/A N/A Apr 15, 2016
ASOC SI Crowd Social Media 2016 Elsevier Applied Soft Computing (SCI IF=2.81) Special Issue on Crowd Computing for Social Media Ecosystem
N/A N/A Jul 31, 2016
IJNVO Special Issue 2016 International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations Call for Papers for Special Issue on: “Swarm and Evolutionary Computational Approaches: Recent Advances in Networking
Aug 1, 2016 - Dec 15, 2016 Inderscience Aug 1, 2016
FGCS SI - CI for OSN 2016 Special issue on Recent research in Computational Intelligence paradigms into Security and Privacy for Online Social Networks (OSNs)
Oct 1, 2016 - May 30, 2017 Elsevier Oct 1, 2016
Elsevier JOCS NCP&BD 2017 Elsevier Journal of Computational Science (SCI IF=1.078) Special Issue on The Convergence of New Computing Paradigms and Big Data Analytics Methodologies for Online Social Networks
N/A N/A Apr 1, 2017
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