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SRED 2011 First International Workshop on Sparse Representation for Event Detection in Multimedia
Nov 28, 2011 - Dec 1, 2011 Arizona, USA TBD
SI of PR 2012 Pattern Recognition: special issue on “Sparse representation for event recognition in video surveillance”
N/A N/A Mar 15, 2012
SI Sem Rep Soc Beh 2013 Special issue - Semantic representation for social behavior analysis in video surveillance for Signal, Image and Video Processing
N/A N/A Dec 15, 2013
SI - MLSPHPR 2014 Special issue - Machine learning and signal processing for human pose recovery and behavior analysis for Signal Processing
N/A N/A Mar 1, 2014
SI MLMA 2014 Special issue - Machine learning for medical applications for The Scientific World Journal
N/A N/A May 2, 2014
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